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Established in 1997, our vision was to provide in house full service graphic design, digital printing, large format graphics, screen-printing and quality embroidery. Now in our 23rd year, that vision is truly a reality providing a wide range of products and services to large and small companies, schools, and individuals.


Our creative design, production and installation team is directed by Thomas Nutter, the former director of a multi-million dollar aviation life support and specialty clothing manufacturer. His knowledge of manufacturing systems and high quality products is the foundation of Graphix Group and it's commitment to their customer.

  • Logo Design

  • Logo Recreations

  • Yacht Illustrations

  • Boat Names

  • Boat Signage

  • Boat Graphics

  • Banners

  • Flags

  • Penants

  • T-Shirt Designs

  • Flyers

  • Business Cards


All design and production services are done in house which affords us ultimate control and attention to detail. We utilize state of the art imaging systems, the newest embroidery and screen-printing equipment and our software platform is second to none. We are passionate about what we do and strive to see that our work reflects this vision.



We will do whatever it takes to see that each client is completely satisfied, no matter what! 

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